Product, Innovation, 3d printing

Personalized, external breast prostheses, generated with the use of 3D scanning and printing.

The choice of the subject has been motivated by the scope of the problem (that is breast cancer) and a limited choice of solutions serving as an alternative to the mass-produced prostheses. Main goal was to discard medical language, improve functional properties of the prosthesis and render it more personalized.

Elements of the project:
- concept of a web-based application, generating a spatial model of prosthesis
- examples of 3D models of prostheses (including one 3D-printed model)
- illustrated manual of 3D scanning
- logotype, packaging

„Simpla” [esp. honest] is a tool dedicated to women who have experienced one-sided mastectomy. It allows to create external breast prostheses. The process starts with the user taking a series of photographs portraying her body/torso/bust. Photographs can be taken in domestic environment with the use of simple photographic devices (e.g. smartphone’s camera). The user-led process is facilitated by the illustrated manual of 3D scanning. When the photographs are uploaded to the application, a 3D scan of the user’s body is generated. Afterward, a base model of prosthesis is created, which is a mirror image of the healthy breast. The user specifies properties of prosthesis such as type, structure and color. Having confirmed the parameters, the project is sent to be 3D printed (with an option to order a proof print). At the end, the user receives a parcel with the product.

The model presented in the photographs has been printed in the target technology (3D printing) and is made of flexible photopolymer. The prosthesis’s structure consists of independent elements connected to each other by a shared base. The dependencies occurring among all the elements improve prosthesis’s flexibility and animate the structure while in use. My aim was to enable the prosthesis to imitate human body not by the means of looks, but rather of physical behavior.

The project is of conceptual character. Currently, we are working to make it real.